Best Laptop Under 20000 in India, Top 10 Buy in 2019

Laptops have been one of the important gadgets for everyone. This multipurpose invention makes your work easier, convenient and sophisticated.  It also allows you to work while travelling or resting in your bed. If you are feeling bored, laptops provide endless entertainment. Everyone, now days are looking for these convenient gadgets. However, due to recent hike in the price of technological appliances, not everyone can afford it. Considering this, I have come up with an idea to find out the budget range best laptop under 20000 in India that you can find online.

Best Laptop Under 20000 in India To Buy Online

The demand of budget laptops is very high these days and luckily markets of India are flooded with thousands of low priced laptops from many top brands. With wide range of products to choose from, it becomes a troublesome task to make up one’s mind which laptop is best suited to them.

And to help you with this, I’ve made a list of top 10 Laptop under 20000 that you can buy in India. These laptops that I’ve covered comes with 4GB RAM and offers smooth performance. If you are a student who needs a laptop for daily use or college assignments then this price range is perfect for you to buy a low budget laptop.

I’ve compiled a list of Laptops from top brands like Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Dell and Micromax. With good processor and decent amount of RAM these laptops can be used to play moderate games but don’t expect a high end gaming experience from them. In this article I have discussed every possible aspects of a Laptop along with its features and specs. I have also provided you with a quick review for reference which will help you to choose the best laptops under 20k that fulfil your requirements.

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Below mentioned are the top 10 best laptops under 20000 in India that you can buy online.

Asus EeeBook APU Quad Core E2

Best laptop under 20000

Asus EeeBook is a 14 inch lightweight and Compaq laptop and packed with technologies designed to enhance your computing experience. Priced at around Rs.18,000, this laptop comes with AMD’s APU Quad core processor along with AMD Radeon Graphics, which makes it ideal for day to day computing. Having a slow clock speed of 1.5 GHz make its functioning slow however AMD provides over-clocking, so you can certainly boost your clock speed as per your requirement.

Equipped with 500 GB HDD and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, this device is ideal for day to day work However, on the gaming front, this device can be used to play games with low requirements like Candy Crush and Minecraft.

HD LED Backlit Glare Display provides you with great picture quality at a resolution of 1366×768 pixels along with its1 gen USB ports assure high speed data transfer. Excelling in build quality and having decent battery backup makes this device an ideal laptop under 20000 with 4 GB RAM.


Quick review:

Asus EeeBook is an excellent laptop for multi tasking and daily usage. One of the main reasons for being such a low priced laptop is its AMD processor. AMD processor comes with over clocking feature which allows its user to enhance its processor clock speed. However, I would not recommend doing it as the laptop already heats a lot. Over clocking may result in the damage of your motherboard. Build material used for this laptop are also not excellent. The screen of the laptop is small.

Performance wise you can use this laptop for minimal works. Gaming is impossible. Even old games like NFS MW and GTA San Andreas completely drains your battery within hours. Furthermore, it also increases the temperature of your laptop which is not ideal for your hardware.

Software like Light room and Adobe Studio works fine in this laptop but result in severe loss of processing speed.

File transferring from USB to Hard Drive is fast. You can use this laptop for video chat but forget about a good picture quality. Considering its battery backup and overall performance; I would recommend buying this laptop just for the purpose of multitasking and moderate usage.




  1. Budget Laptop
  2. Great build quality
  3. Good audio and video Quality
  4. Over-clocking option
  5. Pre- installed window


  1. Slow Processor
  2. Heating problem
  3. Not ideal for High end software.

Final Verdict:

Asus EeeBook is a decent budget laptop under 20000. Coming with storage space of 500GB along with graphics processor at such a minimal rate makes this Laptop ideal for college students who needs a decent laptop for doing their assignments and for internet surfing. Focused on student needs this is an ideal student laptop under 20000.

Dell Inspiron Pentium Quad Core Laptop- 3552

Top 10 best laptop under 20000 in India

Famous for its reliability and sustainability, Dell Inspiron series laptops is everything you need for work and leisure. Dell Inspiron 3552, is a 15.6 inch laptop priced at Rs.18,990. Powered by 1.6 GHz Pentium Quad Core processor, this device comes with Turbo Boost option which enhances your clock speed up to 2.56 GHz. Loaded with Intel integrated HD 405 graphics, this device can be used for everything.

True light LED backlight display with the resolution of 1366×768 pixels along with integrated speakers  provide you with great audio video experience. Designed for the real world, this device comes with ample amount of connectivity options and provides you with long lasting battery backup. Having storage space of 500GB along with 4GB of RAM and GPU makes this device ideal for processing and Multi- tasking and make this laptop best laptops bellow 20000 in India to buy.


Quick Review:

Dell Inspiron 3552 comes with an ideal build quality but looks pale.  Boot speed is fast and battery backup is excellent. Dell Inspiron are rough and tuff however its performance is not that excellent. Slow processing speed is one of the biggest issues with this laptop. Turbo boost is provided, however increasing clock speed result in increase of temperature.

If you think you can run games like Fortnite and FIFA or NFL, forget about it. Most of the famous games will lag. Running 2 to 3 high end programmes slow down your computer a lot. However, if you plan to use this laptop for watching videos and songs, you are in for a treat. Speaker sound is loud and clear and display is excellent. For watching videos be sure to get a battery backup of 5-6 hours. However if you plan to use it for multitasking, backup reduces to 2-3 hours.

Considering everything, I can conclude that this laptop is a beginners laptop. One thing that impressed me is that you can upgrade your Ram and HDD space. It comes with removable battery, RAM and HDD which is generally missing in other laptops. I would recommend this laptop if you are a beginner and wants to learn in and out of a computer and programmes related to it.



  1. Value of money
  2. Turbo Boost
  3. Good battery Life
  4. Ideal video quality


  1. No pre-installed Window
  2. Old Generation processor


Final Verdict:

Dell Inspiron is a series of laptops which were made to target college students. Loaded with Pentium Quad Core processor along with GPU makes this device ideal for multi-tasking. Having a decent storage space along with 4 GB of Ram allows you to work on variety of software as well as play some famous games like League of Legends and CS-GO.

If you are looking for a Laptop that can aid you in performing your day to day task along with some gaming action, I reckon you go with this Laptop. Build for multi Purpose usage this is one of the best dell laptop under 20000 to go with.

Lenovo 80T700L2IN 15.6-inch Laptop

Lenovo Laptop under 20000

Lenovo 80T700L2IN priced at around Rs.20,000 is a 15.6 inch laptop that is ideal for basic browsing and office work. Having a perfect blend of looks and performance, this laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 10 and DDR4 4 GB Ram.

DDR4 Ram hits higher clock speed which makes this laptop a lot better and faster while working on software like MS Office, Photoshop and other graphic designing and video editing software. This Intel processor laptop comes with the storage space of 500 GB along with Lithium polymer battery which provides decent backup.

With Intel Pentium processor and integrated graphics, this Lenovo laptop can be used for minimal works. Don’t expect to run high end graphics game or stream with this laptop as this device will disappoint you in that section. Ideal for video editing, graphic designing along with watching videos and internet surfing this device can be a good choice for freelancers who are just starting their career and looking for a laptop under 20000.


Quick Review:

Lenovo 80T700L2IN is a lightweight laptop by Lenovo. Ideal for basic browsing and office work, this laptop has an elegant design and impressive display. Build quality is good. The keyboard and touch pad are well placed, however while tying sometimes hand touches the touchpad which create problem while typing.

Running multiple applications at once result in lag and slow processing. But, due to its DDR4 Ram, the speed doesn’t drop much. The data transferring speed is good. Latest games will not run on this laptop so if you are a gamer ditch this product. Sound of speaker is very low. If you are going to watch videos on this laptop, connect a speaker or Headphone for clear audio. Keeping in mind, this is a laptop under 20000 I would say it is a great deal.




  1. DDR4 RAM
  2. Pre- Installed Windows
  3. Ideal for office work


  1. Slow processor
  2. Low Volume of speakers


Final Verdict:

Lenovo 80T700L2IN is an ideal laptop for professional usage. If you are starting out a carrier as a freelancer or learning software related to graphic designing or Video editing, this device will fulfil all your needs. Coming with DDR4 ram along with ample amount of storage this laptop is one of the best Lenovo laptop under 20000, if you are looking for a decent laptop for professional usage under budget.

HP Laptop – G APU Quad Core A6

Best laptop under 20000 in India

HP 245 G5 is a 14.6 inch laptop which comes with 4GB of RAM and 500 GB HDD. Priced at around Rs. 19,000, this laptop comes with AMD’s APU quad core processor along with Radeon R4 graphics. Managing a clock speed of 2.2 GHz with turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz, this device is ideal for multi- tasking and you can run some of the well known games like Fortnite, CS-Go, FIFA and Overwatch at a playable 40-60 FPS at lower settings.

Equipped with HD LED backlight anti Glare display, this laptop comes with resolution of 1366×768 and supports 1080p HD videos along with ample amount of connectivity option in the form of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3 high speed USB ports. Having decent built quality this the best HPlaptop under 20000 that can be used for day to day works along with some moderate gaming experience.


Quick Review:

HP 245 G5 comes with a classic laptop design.  The overall structure of this laptop is Compaq and sides are rounded. One main issue that reduces this laptops hardware life is its small air vents. The temperature of the laptop increases tremendously while continuous usage. You can run games like Fortnite and CS-Go at lower settings. But it reduces battery backup to at most 1-2 hours and also increases the temperature very fast. With shiny texture and Compaq design, this laptop looks aesthetically pleasing. I

ts display is relatively small and speaker sound is also very low. Being a laptop under 20000, you cannot expect more from this laptop. I would recommend this laptop for a backpacker traveller. It’s Compaq and easy to carry design makes it an ideal travel companion. Furthermore you can do all the basic work on this laptop due to its optimal clock speed and decent RAM.




  1. Good graphics
  2. Decent Build
  3. Good battery backup
  4. Value of Money


  1. No pre-installed windows
  2. Smaller display


Final verdict:

With 4GB of RAM, along with decent APU and graphics HP 245 G5, this laptop can be used for graphic designing, video editing, making slide shows  and working on MS Office which makes it ideal for college students. Along with completing their assignments they can also enjoy their leisure timing in playing games, browsing internet and 2watching HD videos. Made for multi-tasking, this laptop is a best budget laptop under 20000.

Lenovo V110 Laptop

Best laptop in India under 20000

Lenovo V110 is a 15.6 inch lightweight laptop that offers great performance at this minimal price range. Costing at around Rs. 20,000, this laptop comes with 6th gen APU quad Core processor along with Radeon graphics for optimal processing.

Lenovo V110 is equipped with 4 GB RAM and hard disk space of 1 TB, that provides you with enough storage space for your documents, media files, music and applications so that you can get maximum usage out of your device.

The Laptop also features anti glare screen and 180 degree viewing angle for rich visual experience. Its sleek design and excellent build quality ensures smooth computing for years to come. This device is functional as well as stylish which makes this one of the best everyday use laptop in this category.

Having low graphics, this laptop will not support famous games like PUBG, Fortnite or GTA but its advanced processor, decent RAM and plenty of storage space makes it ideal for Web browsing, MS office works, video editing, graphic designing and can help students in completing their assignments which makes this an ideal laptop under 20000 to go with.


Quick review:

Lenovo V110 is a laptop under 20000 by Lenovo. This laptop comes with a high gen processor however works a bit slow while working on various applications simultaneously. The Keyboard and touchpad quality is not ideal but you will get use to it. Lenovo developers tried to add a lot of things in this laptop. It resulted in a low performing and pale looking laptop. The design is not elegant and battery backup is low. Other than that Lower end GPU and Audio quality adds up in making this a blunder of a laptop. However, there are some good qualities of this laptop as well. The data transferring speed of this laptop is good and build quality is excellent.

Its 180 degree viewing angle is something you would not find in any other laptop under such price range. If you are a moderate user and need a laptop for personal use like web surfing, office works and video chatting; I reckon you go with this laptop. It comes with plenty of storage space and is an ideal budget laptops for everyday use.




  1. 6th gen processor
  2. Excellent video quality
  3. Decent build quality
  4. 1 TB HDD


  1. Low battery Backup
  2. Low graphics & Sound Volume


Final Verdict:

Lenovo V110 is a decent everyday use laptop. With advanced processor this device provides you with good processing speed while working however low end graphics processor makes it hard to play decent games on this device. If you are looking for a laptop for day to day works like browsing internet, checking mails, and other minimal activities then this device is best suited for you. Having a decent amount of storage space and fast processor makes this one of the best laptop under 20000.

Micromax Ignite LPQ61 Laptop

Cheap laptop in India

Micromax ignite is one of the cheapest laptop in India right now costing at around Rs. 15,990. This 14 inch laptop comes with pre installed windows 10 along with 1 TB HDD and 4 GB DDR3 RAM.

Micromax ignite features Intel Integrated graphics and an Intel Pentium quad core processor that can hit clock speed up to 1.6 GHz which can be further upgraded to 2.4 GHz with the help of turbo boost for running multiple applications without any glitches.

Its lightweight and sleek design adds a certain style factor to this laptop. Compaq with HD LED backlit display along with resolution of 1366×768 pixels ensures clear on screen action and provides you with crystal clear pictures. This laptop comes with 1MP HD webcam to hold video conferences and communicate with your client in a simple yet highly effective way.

Don’t expect to work on high requirements software like Photoshop, Adobe premiere pro or any other editing software and have a decent experience. With overall adequate specs combined with cheap price this device is worth its Value.


Quick Review:

Micromax ignite is the cheapest laptop under the category “laptop under 20000”. One can hardly complain about anything if you are getting a laptop with these much feature under such minimal price. This laptop looks attractive and eye pleasing with its shiny texture. The screen of the laptop is small. Keyboard and touch-pad are also very Compaq which makes it hard to use it smoothly. Build quality is also not up to the mark. The screen is flimsy and the body of this laptop locks dust and are hard to clean. After using it for few days, the laptop starts to heat a lot and booting speed also slows down severely.

Forget about gaming, this laptop lags even while using software like Photoshop, flimora and Adobe Studio. As I have said earlier, I didn’t expect much from this product considering its price range. This is a potato laptop and is only ideal for minimal usage like web surfing and MS office work. The only thing that works for this laptop is its storage space. But once again, Data transferring is very slow. I don’t know what was in mind of the developers while making this product. I would not say that I was surprised by its performance but it was way worse than I had expected.




  1. Pre Installed windows
  2. Turbo boost
  3. 1TB of storage space
  4. Low priced laptop


  1. Overall performance not ideal
  2. Not adequate battery level
  3. Lags while running heavy software


Final Verdict:

Micromax ignite, being one of the cheapest laptop in this list certainly packs a punch with ample amount of storage space and decent processors. This laptop is a perfect buy for the peoples who are craving for a decent laptop for their day to day works and don’t want to spend enough money for it. Being a entry level and a low price laptop under 20000 with decent amount of features makes this one of the best laptop to buy in India.

Lenovo IdeaPad Pentium Quad Core 110-15IB Laptop

Budget range laptop uner 20000 rupees in India

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR is one of best Lenovo laptop under 20000. This 15.6 inch laptop comes with Intel Pentium quad core processor and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM along with IEEE connectivity which offers great connection speed for browsing, streaming and downloading. With HD LED Backlit display and Intel Integrated HD graphics, this device excels in providing you with great picture quality with resolution of 1366x 768 pixels.

Priced at around Rs. 17,990 this laptop provides you with plentiful storage space along with decent processors and 4 GB of Ram which makes it ideal for doing works on spreadsheet, Adobe Photoshop and other well known software. Having IEEE connectivity provides high speed internet, which makes it ideal for video Conferencing and watching your favorite shows online in High definition without any lag. Having a low battery backup may be a deal breaker; however, this is not a big issue considering plethora of options that it provides at such a minimal price. Ideal for everyday use this 20000 laptop have everything that you can ask in a laptop at this price range which makes it an ideal laptop under 20000.


Quick Review:

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR is a decent laptop under 20000. This laptop is not eye pleasing and performance wise is not as good as some other laptops in this list. But you would get what you pay for. Performance wise this laptop can cope up with decent software. There is no heating issue whatsoever.

Considering its price, this laptop is an ideal laptop for daily usage. However, if you are considering playing games, GTA vice City and NFS MW are the generation of games that you can play. Recent games will lag. This laptop looks plain and overall design is simple and Compaq. Certainly not a slim laptop, this is certainly a well performing and a laptop worth its value.




  1. Value of money
  2. Fast connectivity
  3. Good Video quality
  4. Plentiful storage space


  1. Low battery backup
  2. Audio output is not good


Final Verdict:

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR is one of the best laptop in 20000 that you can buy considering this list if you are looking for a laptop for everyday use. With good hardware quality and sufficient features this device is a best buy for those who don’t travel a lot and looking for a budget laptop for the sole purpose to enjoy their leisure time at home while watching their favourite shows or web browsing.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 APU Dual Core A6 Laptop

Top 10 Best laptop under 20000 at online

Lenovo IdeaPad IP 330-15AST is a 15.6 inch laptop priced at around Rs. 17,990. Powered by AMD APU quad Core processor with a clock speed of 2.6 GHz along with Radeon R4 GPU, this device provides you with ideal processing speed. With the help of turbo boost you can enhance your clock speed up to a whopping 2.9 GHz which makes this laptop the fastest laptop in this list. You can easily play some of the well known games like PUBG, Fortnite, FIFA and even GTA with decent graphics.

This AMD processor laptop will support almost all the software that you throw at him and it’s HD LED Backlit Anti-glare TN Display will provide you with outstanding visuals.  Having low battery life or complicated setup process can be a difficulty at starting but once you’ve installed all your drives you can enjoy non-stop action with this laptop. This laptop is worth its money and is ideal laptop under 20000 to buy.


Quick Review:

Lenovo IdeaPad IP 330-15AST comes with an AMD processor and GPU. With silver and black colour combination, this laptop looks classy. The overall design of the laptop is aesthetically pleasing. The keyboard is user friendly and touch response of the touchpad is also fine. With enough space to rest your hand on the side of the touchpad, enhance the overall working experience.

The display and audio are decent. However, in a noisy surrounding, you have to use a headphone for decent audio. You can run some of the games like Fortnite, NFL, FIFA and GTA V at lower settings.  Famous games are playable on this laptop however, do not expect a high end gaming experience. Most of the mentioned games will start to lag after few minutes especially if any background process is running. One of the biggest issues is air vents, which is small and result in increase in temperature especially while gaming.

Some of the common programmes run fine with this laptop even while running some audio or downloading in background. Battery backup is the only issue that is a bottleneck in this laptop. Overall, this laptop under 20000 is a decent laptop. I would recommend buying it as your first laptop especially if you plan to use it for a longer duration of time.




  1. Decent visuals
  2. Fast Processor
  3. Excellent Build quality


  1. Low battery backup
  2. Drivers not installed
  3. Disk Drive not present


Final Verdict:

Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR is a decent laptop under this category. Having a fast processor along with graphics, this laptop is ideal if you are looking for a laptop which can handle some heavy software and also provide you with an opportunity to enjoy decent games. If you are not bothered by battery backup and have enough computer knowledge for installing drivers properly, I reckon you go with this Lenovo laptop.

Acer Aspire ES1-523 Laptop (A4-7210)

Acer Aspire ES1-523 Laptop

Acer Aspire ES1-523 is an Aspire ES series laptops equipped with number of enhancements this laptop lets you work and play games with efficiency. Powered by 7th gen AMD A4-7210 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and a superior DDR3 4 GB RAM along with high octane graphics software this laptop is a beast when comes to processing speed. With the help of turbo boost you can enjoy some decent games like Fortnite, FIFA, CS-GO, OverWatch and Team fortress 2.

This device enhances your working experience by providing you with quicker response time while using some of the demanding software which makes this Laptop ideal for multi-tasking.

Priced at around Rs.19,500, this15.6 inch comes with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels along with  a 3-cell 3220 mAh Li-ion battery which provides 5 hours of battery life. Equipped with high end graphics, 7th gen quad core processor and decent amount of RAM makes this budget Laptop the only laptop in this list which can be used for gaming purpose other than daily use which makes this one of the best laptop under 20000 in this list.


Quick Review:

Acer Aspire ES1-523 is another AMD processor laptop under this category. AMD processors are cheap and perform equally well as an Intel processor. This Acer laptop is a decent working laptop under 20000. Once again I would not recommend turbo boosting. Being an AMD processor laptop, it is prone to heating. There is not much difference in overall performance after and before turbo boost. Due to excessive heating after turbo boosting, the laptop stars to freeze as well. One thing that I do not like about this laptop considering its price is its audio output and looks.

The Un-shiny texture makes it look boring and pale.  The design is also like an old gen laptop with no creativity. Speaker sound is also very low and requires a lot of concentration to hear. On the gaming front, if you are daring enough to run this laptop on turbo boost; you can enjoy some games like Fortnite, Darwin’s project and Dota 2. But I would not recommend it, until and unless you don’t have a good cooling pad. Mentioned game will run on lower setting and will eventually starts to lag.  Considering  its specs and price, It performance was not extremely good but usable. This is a laptop under 20000 and I would definitely recommend buying it if you are under budget.




  1. 7th gen processor
  2. Good video quality
  3. Supports famous games
  4. Large Hard disk capacity


  1. Low battery backup
  2. Low audio output


Final Verdict:

Acer Aspire ES1-523 is one of the best laptop at this price segment and the only laptop in this list that can be used for some decent gaming experience. Powered by advanced processors and ample amount of RAM and HDD, This device is ideal for someone who have just started as a content creator or students who are looking for a laptop under 20000 that can aid them in their assignments as well as allows them to play some decent games on it.

HP Laptop 15-BW098AU HD (AMD E2-9000e)

Top laptop under 20000 in India

HP 15-BW098AU is a 15.6 inch HD Laptop priced at around Rs. 19,000. Powered by AMD Dual Core processor and 4 GB of DDR4 RAM along with Radeon R2 GPU, this laptop can handle any task you throw at him. Compaq HD LED Backlit Bright View Widescreen Display with resolution of 1366×768 pixels you can enjoy rich HD content and 1 TB HDD allows to save plenty of Homemade videos, movies and shows in your device for anytime viewing.

It’s unique yet tough design makes this laptop elegant to use and its long lasting HP fast charge battery provides you with decent backup for long hours of enjoyment other then working or playing games. Complied with fast processors, ample amount of RAM and storage and great battery backup this device is one of the masterpiece by HP when it comes to budget laptop under 20000.


Quick Review:

HP 15-BW098AU is the most expensive laptop in this list. Considering its price range and comparing its specs with other laptop in this list, I think you can get better laptop in cheaper price. However, this laptop is relatively better and more durable then the other mentioned laptop.

Boot speed of this laptop was fine but overall processing speed is slow. Thankfully due to its low turbo boost and decent size air vent, the heating is relatively low. The shiny logo, Island type keyboard and multi gesture touch-pad works fine.  The build quality of this laptop is good. Laptop looks bigger, heavy and is durable.

Battery life is excellent and gives battery backup up to 6 hours while medium usage. Performance wise, this laptop works perfectly and is suitable for multi tasking. It will support basic video editing software, MS office, Photoshop and much more.

Other than that, On the gaming front, due to its slow clock speed; you can play some old retro games like GTA Vice city, San Andreas, Max Payne 1, Hitman 1 and similar games that doesn’t require high end processing speed and Gpu. In the end I would say, this is a decent laptop to go for due to its excellent overall quality.




  1. Decent audio visual quality
  2. Fast processor
  3. DDR4 RAM for fast processing
  4. Good battery backup
  5. Value of Money


  1. No pre installed windows
  2. No pre installed drivers
  3. Heating Issues


Final Verdict:

HP 15-BW098AU is one of the best laptop under this category to go with. Loaded with good APU and GPU processor, DDR4 RAM and HD LED display this device performs well in all fronts. With fast processing and decent gaming, this device packs a punch at this minimal price range. If you are looking for a well built laptop with decent battery backup I reckon you go with this laptop. This is certainly one of the top laptop under 20000 to buy in India.


All the above mentioned laptops belong to best laptop brand and are the best cheap laptop under 15000 to 20000 that are currently available in India. Above mentioned laptops is the best buy laptop. These laptop price under 20000 and comes with eye catching deals on online shopping sites.

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